I love to take a photograph of small creatures. I take it and then post it to my Instagram account. Here is my collection so far. There are just three photos apparently. Well, I can still show off that these are what you call “no filter” photos, limited to the lens of iPhone 4s, they are quite good you know.

This is a butterfly which just hatched from its pupa, dried its wings, and then carefully crawled to my hand. Subhanallah! How beautiful you are! Although this kind of butterfly is common in my area, I still consider it an elegant butterfly.


biggest moth
This is the first moth I’ve ever seen. If you observe the picture, you can find my mom’s hand among the leafs. I did the searching, turns out its Latin name is Attacus atlas.


moth on kenikir
This is my mom’s Kenikir Flower. Originally, I wanted to take a photograph of the flower, but then a moth landed on it. I could not amaze more. This is an ordinary moth which is really hungry until it didn’t move even a little when I was taking its photo. I did the searching again, for the flower, its Latin name is Cosmos caudatus.

Okay, that’s all. Hope you can more enjoy every little thing around you. That is the simplest way of the happiness. #imo :)