Sewing, one out of many productive hobbies, has become my new hobby. I have been searching everything about sewing, started with the machine, the needle, even the thread. I found Emak Watik’s Blog. Her blog has become my weekly stop since then. It’s really detailed. Almost all of my questions had been answered even before I thought about it.

On March 27, 2016, I bought a sewing machine. The brand is Janome NS311A, its beautiful appearance got me attracted right away. Fortunately, the very machine is somehow suitable for an amateur (like me). Also, the price is really affordable, about Rp.1.500.000,-. I have done a self-learn since the beginning. I don’t want to spend another rupiah for a sewing class. Sewing classes usually teach their students right to how to make a pattern. I didn’t even know how to operate a sewing machine before, literally nothing I could do. :)

I searched a sewing project all over the internet, and then I found a tutorial which really fit for me. It’s simple yet useful, a sewing machine cover (thank you RedNow for the tutorial). I measured the sewing machine’s dimensions so that it would cover the entire machine. The cover is reversible, so one meter for each fabric is enough. I bought the materials: two meters of any fabric, two meters of fusible interfacing, needles, and threads. I did every step according to the tutorial instruction. And finally my first project has done! Yay~