What did you just watch? :P
It was a goodbye project.

One by one we are separated.
We are living in the seventh room of Amelinda House, a boarding house where the members are bound to change every month. Silmi is the first one who left Amelinda. She is from Aceh. I am truly amazed by her. She is still young yet she has that much dedication to continue her undergraduate study overseas. She speaks English very fluently. Her accent is close to native I can say. Wow. The second one is Arfi. She is from Probolinggo. She is so cute and her voice is unique. She wants to continue her master study in the United Kingdom. Dila being the third is the youngest among us. She has just graduated from High School in Jambi. She is from Kediri. She also wants to continue her undergraduate study in abroad, same as Silmi. The next one is Utia. She is from Lampung. She is an energetic girl. She wants to continue her master study in Japan. Currently, she is doing self-study in learning Japanese. Salma followed, she only moved to another boarding house actually, so we still can meet occasionally. She is from Riau. She was a Math teacher. Like everyone else, she wants to continue her master study overseas.
In less than a week, I also have to go home. :(

I recalled that we all agreed to speak English for our daily conversation as much as we can. Sometimes there was a sudden silence because we didn’t know what to say. Good old times. Oooh, I really miss them.

The squad disbanded, unfortunately. We hope we will meet again.

Wait! Dila is back!

She returns here in the very room of Amelinda, once again becomes my roommate. Apparently, she has been joining scholarship department, an additional class of IELTS Camp. Glad to meet you again Dila!