YC 2016 – The Seventh Online Gathering

On October 29, 2016, the seventh online gathering was held. We discussed various scholarship requirements. There was no more task.

A correspondence with prospective professor seems not easy to be discussed. If ever we got a response from our first email, we should keep our correspondence. And if (unfortunately) we don’t get the scholarship we applied, we should continue contacting the professor and don’t lose touch.

Many seem to hesitate to mail the professor, either because they don’t have sufficient English proficiency or they don’t prepare the research plan yet. But then our mentor assured us to contact the professor anyway. Of course, at least we know what we will discuss with the professor once we get a response.

YC 2016 – Farewell

Apparently, I can’t access my phone nor any application (read: WhatsApp) because my phone has been broken since November 2016. In early January, I contacted Gea (YC2016’s facilitator). She said that there was no more online gathering and it proceeded with farewell in late December 2016. So sad to hear that. :(

Once again I feel very grateful that I was one of the selected participants of this mentorship program. I’ve just sent our beloved mentor Ratna-san a thank you email for her dedication. Thank you so much.

Sayounara YC2016!