Farewell, my voice…
Beyond that mountain,
into the lake sleeping so deeply.
Now it is gone.

The sorrowful words that scar people’s hearts.
Not wanting to utter them, it subbed…
But this is perfect.
Now it’ is gone.
Now it is gone.

Good morning, hello, how are you today?
It’s all good.
Those ordinary conversations.
Those ordinary conversations.
How I miss them now.

My voice disappeared, much to everyone’s joy.
Because everyone hates the words that I say.
Heaving with sobs, my voice left me and is gone.
Left behind, I can no longer even cry.




For me, this is the most heart-wrenching scene in this film. Jun sings and conveys her feelings to her mother who finally understands what she had been through, realizes that the very reason why Jun reluctant to say any word is the incident in the past that lead her parent’s divorce.

It is actually an insert song, means that the tune is not originally created for the anime but the lyric. (Original: Greensleeves; Performer: Inori Minase)