Japanese films never fail to amaze me. Teiichi’s Country is one of them. Though the genre of this film is a comedy, there is a lesson we can get. The premise is so simple.

Teiichi is a talented pianist. His father is an ambitious man who wants to be Prime Minister of Japan. Because of one vote difference that made him lose to his lifetime rival, he wants his son to strive to the top and be the next Prime Minister. The road is rough. To achieve that, Teiichi has to quit playing the piano and focus to be class representative, then advance to be a section leader, which eventually make him student council president of his elite high school.

The struggle is real. We can see the bittersweet in politics. Though this film is set in high school, the analogy is true and believable. My favorite scene is the revelation of the real reason behind Teiichi’s ambitiousness in building his own kingdom. Wow just wow. I cried.

The actor who portrayed Teiichi really did a great job. He embodied the character so well. I have watched other films of the same actor with totally different genres. He nailed them all. Dang!!!