I can’t believe I’m sleeping on this wonderful anime for so long. This anime teaches me so much about life. I have already binge-watched all 6 seasons, but still can’t get enough. Why? Because there are still many mysteries unanswered! Ugh! 

This anime is about youkai (demon) yet somewhat has heartwarming feeling and able to make me relate so much (slice of life). The color palette is so soft with a unique soundtrack. If there is particular music played during a sad scene, then, whenever I hear it I will remember that very scene. Also, there are side stories about Natsume and his adopted parents who accept him as he is. A story about family is always my favorite.

Natsume Takashi is definitely my favorite character all time (at the moment). His daily kindness towards youkai is what I like about this anime. At first he always runs whenever encountering any youkai, but, after meeting Nyanko-Sensei (Madara) and having involved in his grandmother’s book of friends, he began to understand that, like humans, youkai also has good and bad side, and that behind any action there is always a reason (though some youkai are originally evil).

So, what to expect of Natsume season 7?
There are many fan theories out there, they are not related to each other though. Here some that I agree:
– Takashi is the reincarnation of his grandmother, Reiko.
– Takashi is a half-youkai.
– Takashi’s grandfather is a powerful exorcist.

I also have my own theory on why Takashi has a strong supernatural power despite his weak body. Actually, it reminded me of Harry Potter. So, Reiko is still alive when Takashi was born. As Takashi’s mother (Reiko’s daughter) is dead shortly after giving birth, he lives with his father until he is a toddler. One day, an evil yokai attacks Takashi and his father. Both of them are on the brink of death. Reiko comes and performs a hidden technique to save lives. However, she only can save Takashi, as he is her bloodline, and the consequence is her own life for Takashi’s. Hmm. That’s all.

It’s so amusing to assume things. I really can’t wait for season 7. Please come sooner!
How about you?
Do you have your own theory?
Are you ready for the new season?

By the way, there is an upcoming Natsume’s movie in September. Can you hear me screaming?! Yay!!!


natsume returns a name
Natsume returns a Youkai’s name.