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Ekspedisi Nusantara Jaya (ENJ 2017) Jawa Timur Team 3 – Karamian Island

Open Donation for domestic and international donors via Kitabisa!

Contribute to society!

Be the Benefactor for Karamian children!

Open until: September 25, 2017 (GMT+7)



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Floral Skirt

Cleaning my wardrobe, I found a piece of cloth from my Bali trip about 8 years ago. As far as I recall, I have never worn it since I bought it. I can’t even remember why I bought it. How wasteful. :(

By the way, this is how it supposed to be worn: Continue reading “Floral Skirt”

The Great Mosque At-Taqwa – Cirebon

The Seventh Squad

What did you just watch? :P
It was a goodbye project.

One by one we are separated. Continue reading “The Seventh Squad”

A House Dress

July 2016…

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Bintang Nglambor Snorkeling – Yogyakarta

Sewing Machine Cover

Sewing, one out of many productive hobbies, has become my new hobby. I have been searching everything about sewing, started with the machine, the needle, even the thread. I found Emak Watik’s Blog. Her blog has become my weekly stop since then. It’s really detailed. Almost all of my questions had been answered even before I thought about it. Continue reading “Sewing Machine Cover”

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