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Road to IELTS Band 7

A year ago today, I took my first IELTS exam which resulted in a failure. The biggest mistake I did was, I underestimated it. You really have to completely understand the exam which I didn’t at that time. I thought it would be similar with TOEFL. NO. They are totally different. tbc~


Applying for MEXT Scholarship 2018

Application opened from April 26 until May 16, 2017.
Online registration through this website link:

Research Student URL:
2018 Application:

There are significant changes for the requirements an applicant must fulfill:
Last year -vs- Now Continue reading “Applying for MEXT Scholarship 2018”

Sekolah Inggris Budi Waluyo (Online English School)

Week 31

YC 2016 – Farewell

YC 2016 – The Seventh Online Gathering

On October 29, 2016, the seventh online gathering was held. We discussed various scholarship requirements. There was no more task. Continue reading “YC 2016 – Farewell”

One Month in IELTS Camp

On October 29, 2016, I went to an event in Surabaya and I met this girl. Her name is Suci and she is from Sulawesi. I wondered how she could be there far from home. Turned out she had been joining an IELTS Camp at TEST-English School, Pare, Kediri. Continue reading “One Month in IELTS Camp”

YC 2016 – The Fifth (and The Sixth) Online Gathering

On September 4, 2016, the fifth online gathering was held. The discussion topic was about making a Research Plan (RP), the most important document in any scholarship application. Our mentor gave us tips based on her own research and experience. Once again I feel very grateful that I am one of the selected participants of this mentorship program. Continue reading “YC 2016 – The Fifth (and The Sixth) Online Gathering”

YC 2016 – The Fourth Online Gathering

On July 28, 2016, I visited MITI Academy website. I found out that my submission was already graded. Once again, the grade was not so good. Apparently, I had misunderstood something. I thought the information compiled had to be concise so that it will be easy to read, therefore there were many links I provided referring to the detailed information instead of cited it by myself. :( Continue reading “YC 2016 – The Fourth Online Gathering”

YC 2016 – The Third Online Gathering

On June 12, 2016, I submitted the second task. About two weeks after that, my submission was graded. As I had expected, I got a “not so good” grade. There are many corrections, here and there. :( Continue reading “YC 2016 – The Third Online Gathering”

YC 2016 – The Second Online Gathering

On May 27, 2016, the second online gathering was held. The discussion topic was about personal statement. Our mentor gave us tips how to write a good one, what to include and what not. In the first online gathering, I was considered an active member (in my own opinion). But in the second online gathering, it was reversed, I didn’t ask any question at all, nor made a comment. Continue reading “YC 2016 – The Second Online Gathering”

Weekend for Fun

There are many things I want to do and achieve, they are IELTS Band 7; Research Proposal; Youth Connection 2016 Tasks; Sewing Projects; Blog Writing; Driving Practices; Etc. The first three are categorized as brain-draining activities. I used to study whenever I want and if I get bored I will begin watching an idol-related video or playing music on my laptop, watch my idol news from twitter or watch any film/drama. Well, the most difficult thing to change is a habit. But I am determined to change for the better future. I made a schedule like this: Continue reading “Weekend for Fun”


The day was hot, I wore my usual attire at home, my mom was sleeping when I watched film on my laptop. I had just called IES Foundation wondering when the package would be delivered, which was not answered before I heard someone calling in front of my door. I was not prepared. The delivery man was waiting. I called for a help from my mom, who willingly got up from bed to receive the package. (thank you, mom, I love you) Continue reading “My TOEFL-ITP Score”

Youth Connection 2016 (YC 2016)

Youth Connection “Connecting Indonesian Youth, All Over The World” Continue reading “Youth Connection 2016 (YC 2016)”


Test of English as a Foreign Language – Institutional Testing Program (a.k.a TOEFL-ITP), which is a Paper-Based Test (PBT), is offered by ETS (Educational Testing Service). The TOEFL PBT test, administered in a paper-delivered format, is being phased out. TOEFL-ITP is no longer considered a significant test, nowadays the result is just enough to apply for domestic matters (job vacancy, scholarship, etc). Continue reading “TOEFL-ITP”

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