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Road to IELTS Band 7

A year ago today, I took my first IELTS exam which resulted in a failure. The biggest mistake I did was, I underestimated it. You really have to completely understand the exam which I didn’t at that time. I thought it would be similar to TOEFL. NO. They are totally different. Continue reading “Road to IELTS Band 7”


MEXT Scholarship 2018 Written Exam

“Those who passed the selection were expected to confirm their attendance of written exam by June 12.”

On June 15, the scheduled exam was held at 17 Agustus 1945 University in Surabaya. At 5.30 am, my parents drove me there. We arrived at 7 am. The exam was in Meeting Room 1, Graha Wiyata Building. Continue reading “MEXT Scholarship 2018 Written Exam”

Applying for MEXT Scholarship 2018

Application opened from April 26 until May 16, 2017.
Online registration through this website link:

Research Student URL:
2018 Application:

There are significant changes for the requirements an applicant must fulfill:
Last year -vs- Now Continue reading “Applying for MEXT Scholarship 2018”

Sekolah Inggris Budi Waluyo (Online English School)

Week 31

YC 2016 – Farewell

YC 2016 – The Seventh Online Gathering

On October 29, 2016, the seventh online gathering was held. We discussed various scholarship requirements. There was no more task. Continue reading “YC 2016 – Farewell”

One Month in IELTS Camp

On October 29, 2016, I went to an event in Surabaya and I met this girl. Her name is Suci and she is from Sulawesi. I wondered how she could be there far from home. Turned out she had been joining an IELTS Camp at TEST-English School, Pare, Kediri. Continue reading “One Month in IELTS Camp”

YC 2016 – The Fifth (and The Sixth) Online Gathering

On September 4, 2016, the fifth online gathering was held. The discussion topic was about making a Research Plan (RP), the most important document in any scholarship application. Our mentor gave us tips based on her own research and experience. Once again I feel very grateful that I am one of the selected participants of this mentorship program. Continue reading “YC 2016 – The Fifth (and The Sixth) Online Gathering”

YC 2016 – The Fourth Online Gathering

On July 28, 2016, I visited MITI Academy website. I found out that my submission was already graded. Once again, the grade was not so good. Apparently, I had misunderstood something. I thought the information compiled had to be concise so that it will be easy to read, therefore there were many links I provided referring to the detailed information instead of cited it by myself. :( Continue reading “YC 2016 – The Fourth Online Gathering”

YC 2016 – The Third Online Gathering

On June 12, 2016, I submitted the second task. About two weeks after that, my submission was graded. As I had expected, I got a “not so good” grade. There are many corrections, here and there. :( Continue reading “YC 2016 – The Third Online Gathering”

YC 2016 – The Second Online Gathering

On May 27, 2016, the second online gathering was held. The discussion topic was about personal statement. Our mentor gave us tips how to write a good one, what to include and what not. In the first online gathering, I was considered an active member (in my own opinion). But in the second online gathering, it was reversed, I didn’t ask any question at all, nor made a comment. Continue reading “YC 2016 – The Second Online Gathering”

Weekend for Fun

There are many things I want to do and achieve, they are IELTS Band 7; Research Proposal; Youth Connection 2016 Tasks; Sewing Projects; Blog Writing; Driving Practices; Etc. The first three are categorized as brain-draining activities. I used to study whenever I want and if I get bored I will begin watching an idol-related video or playing music on my laptop, watch my idol news from twitter or watch any film/drama. Well, the most difficult thing to change is a habit. But I am determined to change for the better future. I made a schedule like this: Continue reading “Weekend for Fun”


The day was hot, I wore my usual attire at home, my mom was sleeping when I watched film on my laptop. I had just called IES Foundation wondering when the package would be delivered, which was not answered before I heard someone calling in front of my door. I was not prepared. The delivery man was waiting. I called for a help from my mom, who willingly got up from bed to receive the package. (thank you, mom, I love you) Continue reading “My TOEFL-ITP Score”

Youth Connection 2016 (YC 2016)

Youth Connection “Connecting Indonesian Youth, All Over The World” Continue reading “Youth Connection 2016 (YC 2016)”


Test of English as a Foreign Language – Institutional Testing Program (a.k.a TOEFL-ITP), which is a Paper-Based Test (PBT), is offered by ETS (Educational Testing Service). The TOEFL PBT test, administered in a paper-delivered format, is being phased out. TOEFL-ITP is no longer considered a significant test, nowadays the result is just enough to apply for domestic matters (job vacancy, scholarship, etc). Continue reading “TOEFL-ITP”

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