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Youth Connection 2016 (YC 2016)

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Launching of Unlimited Chalkboard

*last updated October 2016

Hello, world!

Here is my first official post. There are many alternative names for the blog. Then finally I came to the right decision to name it with my own name.

I got inspired by my teacher’s post which state “Ini adalah album yang berisi catatan yang saya tulis dalam perjalanan waktu hidup. Catatan yang terinspirasi dari apa yang saya lihat, saya baca, saya dengar, dan saya rasakan.” which means “This is the album that contains the notes I wrote in a lifetime journey. The record that inspired from what I saw, I read, I listen, and I feel.”. Make me think that a blog doesn’t have to be themed. So, now I want to post everything from what I experienced in my lifetime journey.

Why Chalkboard?

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