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MEXT Scholarship 2018 Written Exam

“Those who passed the selection were expected to confirm their attendance of written exam by June 12.”

On June 15, the scheduled exam was held at 17 Agustus 1945 University in Surabaya. At 5.30 am, my parents drove me there. We arrived at 7 am. The exam was in Meeting Room 1, Graha Wiyata Building. Continue reading “MEXT Scholarship 2018 Written Exam”


Applying for MEXT Scholarship 2018

Application opened from April 26 until May 16, 2017.
Online registration through this website link:

Research Student URL:
2018 Application:

There are significant changes for the requirements an applicant must fulfill:
Last year -vs- Now Continue reading “Applying for MEXT Scholarship 2018”


The day was hot, I wore my usual attire at home, my mom was sleeping when I watched film on my laptop. I had just called IES Foundation wondering when the package would be delivered, which was not answered before I heard someone calling in front of my door. I was not prepared. The delivery man was waiting. I called for a help from my mom, who willingly got up from bed to receive the package. (thank you, mom, I love you) Continue reading “My TOEFL-ITP Score”

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