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Happy 26th Birthday, Dylan O’Brien!

“A fanbook created by amazing fans for young and next generation movie star Dylan O’Brien! + Credit to everyone involved. + Pictures (of edits) are not ours. We hope you enjoy going through this fanbook as we enjoyed working on it and getting all your amazing letters and works. Stay creative! X” —by DOB Girls

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Floral Skirt

Cleaning my wardrobe, I found a piece of cloth from my Bali trip about 8 years ago. As far as I recall, I have never worn it since I bought it. I can’t even remember why I bought it. How wasteful. :(

By the way, this is how it supposed to be worn: Continue reading “Floral Skirt”

What Remains After Rain?

i saw you

i saw you


– EkaPuR – 2017.05.27 –

The Great Mosque At-Taqwa – Cirebon

A House Dress

July 2016…

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Bintang Nglambor Snorkeling – Yogyakarta

Sewing Machine Cover

Sewing, one out of many productive hobbies, has become my new hobby. I have been searching everything about sewing, started with the machine, the needle, even the thread. I found Emak Watik’s Blog. Her blog has become my weekly stop since then. It’s really detailed. Almost all of my questions had been answered even before I thought about it. Continue reading “Sewing Machine Cover”

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